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Future Programmes

Future Programmes
BS English Literature & Linguistics
A four year BS English Programme will be offered for the first time in Autumn 2019 comprising seven semesters of coursework and one semester for thesis writing and submission. It will provide basic education and training to young learners of English literature and linguistics. With an aim to equip them with mandatory research skills, BS English will help learners address issues related to Pakistani society in general and ELT practices in particular.
MPhil/MS English Literature & Linguistics
The MPhil/MS English Literature and Applied Linguistic programme will be offered for the first time from Autumn 2019. With a comprehensive scheme of studies, it will introduce a two year degree programme with a total of 30 credit hour courses comprising of two academic semesters for course work followed by two semesters of thesis writing as per the HEC criteria for MPhil/MS degree programme.
PhD English Literature and Linguistics
The PhD in English programme (with two streams in linguistics and literature) is designed to provide a thorough understanding of theoretical as well as practical applications of various modern and contemporary developments in the fields of both linguistics and literature. The programme will help students explore interdisciplinary aspects of linguistics and literature in English and how these two dimensions interrelate and exist as integral arts of the whole, and yet have an independent existence as well. The overall objectives of the programme are in line with the vision of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to promote academic and research excellence.

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With an excellent team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty we strive to provide optimal motivation to students for building a collective consciousness through fostering responsible, intellectual, creative individuals and critical thinkers with an enhanced awareness of not only the academic realm but also towards a positive contribution to society.

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