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MA in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Programme has always been featured as a strong point of the Department of English Literature and Applied Linguistics, AIOU. With an aim to train English language teaching (ELT) experts, the 30 credit hour MA TEFL offers a wide array of courses providing a comprehensive understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of ELT supplemented by insights into contemporary teaching practices of English around the globe.
With a history of training more than 30,000 teachers, the MA TEFL Programme is famous all across the country particularly amongst in-service English language teachers at college and school levels due to its flexible distance learning facility. The degree requires a 12 credit hour thesis, during the final year of the degree, aiming to equip teachers with research trends in language teaching/learning and enabling them to identify problems and consequently providing solutions for impediments arising in their own teaching contexts.

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With an excellent team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty we strive to provide optimal motivation to students for building a collective consciousness through fostering responsible, intellectual, creative individuals and critical thinkers with an enhanced awareness of not only the academic realm but also towards a positive contribution to society.

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